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Urban perception

On Saturday the 9th of February 2013 I presented my work for the very first time in public. Due to a philosophical evening and performance by IPuP.

The presented work refers to the perception of public space and the human structures that can be easily found in it everywhere. Sometimes they get lost in the perception and while seeing the same thing over and over again for days, months and years, one gets used to places. This means “one gets blind”.

That’s why I decided to combine photography and an installation. Having the “blindness” in mind I installed all photos in a net made out of yarn in different colours (black, pink, blue). During the installation I connected the yarns with forms and lines that were to be found on the photos. Finally they were all connected with each other and certain photos had an ending yarn, some literally hung up in the air.

Thanks for the photos to Panossoundso.