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The eye of the beholder at Dizengoff Center (Tel Aviv)

Stefanie Pietschmann - Dizzengof center Tel Aviv israel brutalist architecture -eye of the beholder

The eye of the beholder at Dizzengoff Center

Looking from the bottom to the top of things often appears overwhelming. While you’re still craning your neck to see the end, it often quickly lets you realize how small you are at this moment. Yet, the perception of most things in life depends on the eye of the beholder.

When standing too close to such a big thing, the distorted proportions mercilessly rub their appearance in your face. However, if you take a few steps back, most things don’t look so monstrous anymore. So, it is always a question of perspective whether you allow things to make you feel smaller than you actually are.

I took this photo in March 2022 and you can see part of the Dizengoff Center in Tel Aviv (Israel). This photo shows the Dizengoff tower which is a residential building consisting of private flats. The construction of this building and the mall on which it stands took place in the late 70ies.



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