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The facets of the new at Benno Premselahuis (Amsterdam)

Stefanie Pietschmann - photography - HvA Benno Premselahuis (BPH) - Amsterdam - The Netherlands.jpg

The various facets of the new

When seeing something for the first time, it often appears superior. Quickly, this can feel overwhelming and cringing as its various facets are packed with all its might – making it hard to know where to look first.

However, there is only one way to find out what lies behind these various facets – leaving the all-mighty comfort zone and knocking on the door. Because even if many things seem mysterious at first, they usually turn out quite approachable once the ice is broken.

The Benno Premselahuis (Amsterdam)

I took this photo in late March 2022. On this day, I spontaneously decided to choose another route home and so this building was in front of me all of the sudden and I had to take a photo of it. You can see the facade of the Benno Premselahuis. The building that is in Amsterdam’s city center (close to the Singel) belongs to the “Hogeschool van Amsterdam” (a college). 



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