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Falling in love (Street art in Rome)

Falling in love Street art in Rome - Stefanie Pietschmann - italia - amore - streetart in rome

Falling in love

Everything feels electrified when the first sparkles of attraction lie in the air. As you are happily floating on cloud nine, it seems all of bliss and euphoria. But as exciting as this time is, it is fragile, so it is not that rare for the gorgeous dream to shatter.

Who will make it to the next round gets comfortable with each other over time. Although that sounds positive, it comes with an aftertaste – feeling relaxed invites you to show the sides you hide from the general public. This is when the relationship begins because now it actually needs to prove itself constantly.

Suppose it manages to master this sometimes complex symbiosis. If things still feel electrified after all the beautiful promises have given way to the honest picture of reality, the magic of real love starts showing up.

Street art in Italy

I took this photo in August 2021 during my stay in Rome (Italy). You can see the scrabble street art from the French couple “Mrs. Wabi & Mr. Sabi” on a wall close to the “Piazza del Fico” in the Italian capital. The word “Baci” means “kiss,” and the word “amore” means love. Besides, you can see the name Felicita and the word “Italy” in Italian (Italia).



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