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Feeling free and alive at Amsterdam’s Westerpark

Feeling free and alive at Amsterdam's Westerpark - Stefanie Pietschmann - summer in Amsterdams Westerpark - People walking in nature

Feeling free and alive

You can only stand some situations by keeping a good overview of what is happening. Once you recognize such a case, it usually doesn’t take long until you decide to tighten the reins. As you focus on not leaving anything to chance, the strategy of supposed total control promises predictable solutions and results.

The problem is that you often do not recognize when such a situation has ended. Although circumstances have long changed, you still try to keep a good overview of what is happening. The problem with this is that you don’t anticipate and therefore limit yourself.

As important as keeping control can be, knowing to let go can also be just as important. Because when you realize that you can finally relax and let go after phases of tension, you can spoil yourself with a taste of liberty and time out, eventually making you feel free and alive.


Summer in Amsterdam’s Westerpark

I took this photo in June 2022. You can see two people walking in the beautiful nature of Amsterdam’s Westerpark. This park is west of the city center and is not as known by tourists as the iconic Vondelpark. However, Westerpark has many different areas to enjoy. If you would not know it, you would probably never expect to find such a beautiful place of nature in a big city like Amsterdam.



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