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Feeling lost at St. Peter’s Basilica

Stefanie Pietschmann - St. Peter's Basilica - vatikan - italy - rome - feeling lost

Feeling lost at St. Peter's Basilica

Thanks to a simple flight cancellation, I ended up seeing the eternal city. Since I was in deep need of some distraction, I did not care too much about the destination. Instead of breathing fresh mountain air, I soon found myself looking for the right direction while the hot summer sun of August was roasting my head.

As my search proved successful, St. Peter’s Basilica slowly appeared in the background. The closer I went, the more I could see as the boulevard was slowly dissolving into a large square. It was a strange atmosphere because it was so empty that it felt like early Sunday morning when most people are still sleeping.

I turned around to get a better impression, but that could not change the feeling of being a little lost on this large square that you usually always see during the holidays with thousands of visitors. But now, so lonely, this place almost appears vulnerable because it has to fear for its meaning without enough attention.


This picture shows the outside of St. Peters Basilica in Vatican City. I have visited this basilica in July 2021 while I was staying in Rome, Italy.  



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