Finding shelter

New events and experiences constantly influence how we perceive our life. They shape habits, form opinions, and define who we are and aim to be. We often benefit from this fact. But it also means exposure to an individual vulnerability, which sometimes makes it necessary to look for shelter.

While we are traveling on our life path, the occurrences that cross our route can become overwhelmingly amazing, terrifying, and everything in between. Now and then, the impulses seem so irrelevant that one only attributes their meaning when their influence cannot be denied any longer. Other times, these events hit life like a terrific storm, leaving behind a mess of broken pieces.

Though handling what happens might appear to be an overstraining incident in the first place, humans have tools to deal with them. Finding shelter can be a crucial solution for such challenging times. Certainly, it is essential as it offers the possibility to breathe, settle, and think quietly.

Finding shelter is coming home for just a moment and experiencing well-being. It protects from the elements and offers the possibility to get an overview of what is concretely going on. Once we analyzed the events, we can organize what to think and how to feel. Hence, we can lick the wounds or finally experience the joy until there is no need for a shelter anymore, and we can continue our way.



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