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Finding your place (architecture in Tel Aviv)

Finding your place (architecture in Tel Aviv) Stefanie Pietschmann - - High Rise flats Tel Aviv - Israel

Finding your place (at the Acro Tower in Tel Aviv)

Finding your place in a sea of possibilities is a difficult task. As it is about more than just the pros and cons of each opportunity, it takes time to choose the correct option. However, it first would help to determine what constitutes the right decision. That in itself is a difficult task to solve. Yet, there is more to the decision-making process.

If you want to find your place, you need to find out your needs and where you feel comfortable. Yet, only following the hard facts involves the considerable danger of betraying yourself, and that will always fall on your feet in the end.

Just because something seems complicated, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Even the most constricted structures offer the opportunity of breaking out of a pattern to uncover what serves your needs. Ultimately, you cannot run away from yourself. Hence, facing the demanding journey of finding your place will pay off in the long run.


Modern architecture (The Acro tower)

I took this photo in May 2022. You can see the Acro Tower in Tel Aviv (מגדל אקרו). With its 32 floors, it is standing firm next to a few other modern high-rise buildings. This postmodernist skyscraper gets in your way because it is located directly at a large intersection. The construction started in 2015 and finished in 2015. It is situated in an area currently undergoing major modernization and gentrification.



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