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A fresh start at the Rieteilanden (Amsterdam Ijburg)

A fresh start at the Rieteilanden (Amsterdam Ijburg)- Stefanie Pietschmann - Sunset at Canal in Amsterdam Ijburg - Summer the Netherlands

A fresh start at the Rieteilanden

At times, it no longer seems enough to only look for a shift in the everyday routine. Nonetheless, if you want the shift to become the change, you’ll surely walk on difficult paths. However, once the decision is made, there is usually no way back.

If you dare to restart, many obstacles will cross your way, of which you are usually the biggest. Yet there is no way around dealing with them when wanting to advance. Hence, struggling through this toward the goal might cause something extraordinary to happen – a fresh start where the admired shift finally becomes your change.

The Rieteilanden (Amsterdam Ijburg)

I took this photo in July 2022. You can see a sunset over a canal in one of Amsterdam’s newest quarters – Ijburg. The houses are on the Rieteneilanden. Ijburg is a new city quarter, and its construction started in late 1999. Besides many residential houses, there is also an excellent infrastructure for public transport, streets, and cycling roads. The islands in this area are artificially erected, and you can also find a beach where you can swim or surf.



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