Getting lost

Stefanie Pietschmann - great synagogue rome - italy - storytelling documentary

Getting lost

It is not always imperative that something has an actual function to attribute an essential role to it. And so it frequently happens that a position in itself does not add any value to life or society except to ensure personal economic survival.

Without survival, there is no future existence, and therefore, this aspect, of course, has its relevance. It is admittedly easy to encounter the results of this dilemma almost every day. Still, the problem is that if you only do whatever you do because you need to, things will always turn out a little bit botched. Typically, this leads to long-term dissatisfaction.

Yet, anyone who has ever been hopelessly lost in something quickly realized the satisfaction of doing so. And if you didn’t do things just for the sake of doing them, you suddenly would have entirely different demands on yourself that indeed reflect in the outcome. In the end, if you dare to consider them, there might be even other options to ensure future living.



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