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Getting one’s own way (Houses in Givatayim)

Getting one's own way - Houses in Givatayim-- Stefanie Pietschmann - architecture photography - Metsulat Yam 2 Tel Aviv Givatayim

Getting one's way

These days, everybody has to say something about everything. However, this modern world’s constant noise makes it challenging to concentrate on what is essential. As quickly as you can get lost in this distraction, it’s easy also to lose sight of your dreams.

Yet, dreams always stay the fantasy they are if you let them fall into oblivion. Deciding against the first step towards working on their realization will – in most cases – always make you ask yourself why you never did this or that when it’s already too late.

Therefore, it is sometimes essential to get one’s way no matter how loud the noise is because life is too short to devote it to things you dislike.

I took this photo in March 2022. You can see the building “Convalescence House Shalva” in the city of Givatayim, a suburb of Tel Aviv. I stumbled over this building by coincidence and its architecture really caught my eye. Also, I liked very much that the architect had decided that getting his own way in terms of design was the way to go. It surely created an interesting and special building. 



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