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Going back in time in Newton Street (Northern Quarter, Manchester)

Going back in time in Newton Street (Northern Quarter, Manchester) - Stefanie Pietschmann - Going back in time -Manchesters Newton Street - Northern Quarter Architecture -

Going back in time

Memories are treacherous. One quickly succumbs to the temptation of assuming they were real though they reflect the personal perception. However, the memories you treasure often fade and therefore change. Hence, your view sometimes becomes blurred when going back in time.

Though going back in time can be pretty pleasant, it shouldn’t be a place to linger too long since we’re living here and now. While reminiscing, it’s easy to get lost and cling to something that used to be but isn’t anymore. If you want to create new memories to look back on, you have to face the unknown that awaits you in the future because only those who embark on an adventure can also experience one.

Manchester’s Newton Street in the Northern Quarter

I took this photo in August 2022, and you can see a side street of Newton street in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. This part of the city started to develop in the 18th – up to the mid-18th century because of the industrial revolution’s beginning. You can still see the origin of this time in the architecture of many houses, including the ones you can see in this picture. Today this area is quite hip and famous for its street art which you can find everywhere. Besides, many bars, restaurants, clubs, and other shopping venues exist.



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