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Going through tough times​ (The Hague city center)

Going through tough times (The Hague city center) - Stefanie Pietschmann - The Hague - Netherlands - Shadow play - - female photographer

Going through tough times

When going through tough times, it is sometimes difficult to think of the light waiting for you on the horizon. Yet, in a moment of bliss, there is no intention to see the next storm from afar. Since it feels so good, forgetting everything is transient is tempting.

Although good times cannot be without the bad ones, there is a frequent chase for the good side, the desirable. Yet, in doing so, it gets forgotten that the feeling of happiness knows many aspects, one of which is the ability to deal with life’s nuances.


The Hague City Center

I took this photo in September 2022. You can see people using the pedestrian underpass under a modern architectural building in the Dutch city of The Hague (Den Haag). The Hague is the third largest city in the Netherlands. Though Amsterdam is the capital of this country in Western Europe, it is also the administrative capital, hosting many administrative places. For instance, the seat of government, the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court, and many embassies.

The building in this photo is situated in “Turfmarkt,” close to the central station in the city center. I liked how the lines and forms play together and comprise a new perspective. The Hague city center is the oldest and second-largest district of the Dutch city. It also includes nine neighborhoods and many special-looking buildings from different periods.



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