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Going with the flow (forests in the Netherlands)

Going with the flow

The moment I take the first steps into this micro cosmos, it quickly makes me forget the whole metropolitan environment surrounding it. As the sound of rustling leaves slowly catches my attention, my mind is still busy with everything happening in the urban environment I had left behind.

However, the more I dive into this world, the different shades of green, yellow, and brown change my perception. As the previously important thoughts lose relevance with the meters, I can focus more attentively on what is really going around and with me.

Though I am just going with the flow on this fantastic summer day in the forest, this experience leaves me feeling like I went on a short but needed vacation.

I took this photo in the Summer of 2020, and it shows the entry to the Dutch forest “Panbos”. This forest is in “De Bilt,” a small suburb of  Utrecht (the Netherlands). The photo shows this beautiful forest on a fantastic summer day on which it could show all its glorious colors. Since I lived very close to this forest, I often went for a walk or a run in it and started to fall in love with the place. 



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