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Having a good day (Tel Aviv beach)

Good day at the Tel Aviv beach Stefanie pIetschmann - beach in Tel Aviv-Israel - pigeon

Having a good day

Every day provides a new blank page, just waiting to be filled. As the content is not long in coming, all sorts of things cheat their way into action.

They cover reality with a different filter: Some make everything shine in the most beautiful splendor, while others feel like a thick layer of dust and blur your view.

However, the way the daily content feels not only depends on the stories that happen but also on the color palette you allow them to use. Though acts might not change, you can choose how to see them – with a chance of having a good day.

I took this picture on a beautiful spring day in March 2022. You can see a pigeon walking on the floor of a platform next to the Tel Aviv beach. Beides, you can also see the newly installed parasols which come very handy in hot summer. Then the beach in Tel Aviv usually is full of people that want to have a good day. 



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