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Ideas and ideals​ (Magen David Square, Tel Aviv)

Ideas and ideals Magen David square - Stefanie Pietschmann - - magen david square tel aviv - Israel architecture

Ideas and ideals

There is always someone who has something to say about what you do, how you are, and why it doesn’t seem right. Yet, the fact that others claim to know things better about your life does not automatically mean their knowledge is valuable. However, while some push the limits of good taste, they often don’t get anywhere themselves, which is why they are still busy talking their mouths off.

Yet, those who always follow the ideas and ideals of others do not live their own life. If you don’t want to wake up one day with the question of whose life you lived, you have no choice but to befriend your rough edges because once you have accepted the way you are, it is easy to set boundaries and defend what is precious to you.


The Magen David Square in Tel Aviv

Magen David Square (Hebrew: כיכר מגן-דוד) is a famous square in the heart of the coastal city of Tel Aviv. The “Star of David square” got its name because five streets meet there, forming a kind of star. These are Allenby Street, King George, Menahem Sheinkin, Nahalat Binyamin, and HaCarmel, leading to the famous Carmel Market. Today, this square is very busy because all streets are famous for shopping and leisure activities. Besides, there are several exciting buildings, like the Polishuk House (1934) and the building you can see in this photo. The ideas and ideals of this square are very interesting. It is unique because all buildings blend in perfectly with convex and concave shapes.



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