When the nights were long, my mind wandered away. Cautiously, I remembered the sacred moments that gave me wings to fly on the tender clouds of euphoria. Back then, when the vivid impartiality was so appealing that the reaction of its action was still to be expected.

I felt incredible: incredibly free, alive, and invulnerable.

Patiently, I waited for this journey to proceed. But the reality was bedded in hushing shades of happiness, and so my sight quickly became blurred. I miscalculated, and soon, I found myself in an endless circle of improper emotional attachment.

I felt unbelievable: unbelievable depressed, alone and desperate.

Headed by the fact that the problem was not me, I met you with understanding. But the delusive idea that this futile undertaking could have a good outcome was doomed to failure. While I continued to wait, I slowly realized that one needs to help oneself.

And with a heavy heart, I went to set free myself finally.





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