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Important decisions at the Tiber River (Rome, Italy)

Important decisions at the Tiber River in Rome - Rome Italy River summer bridge architecture stefanie pietschmann

Important decisions

Getting through life often involves compromises because whoever only digs one’s heels in seldomly achieves general popularity or success. Therefore, you occasionally do something although you have other plans in mind. These acts might ensure a reasonable coexistence but can also make you stuck in the mutually tolerated comfort zone.

Being loud does not mean that the attention-grabbing noises always want the best for you. For all the love of compromise, at times, it painfully becomes evident that some decisions’ outcome is not negotiable. Though sometimes it’s hard to break free from what others say, it is you who has to face the consequences in the end.

Hence, thinking carefully about what you want can ensure that you listen to your own voice when making important decisions.

The Tiber River in Rome

I took this photo in August 2021 in Rome (Italy) on a very pretty but really hot summer day. You can see the riversides of the Tiber river. This river is the third-longest in Italy and has its source in the Apennine Mountains in Emilia-Romagna. It runs through the whole of Rome until it leads into the Tyrrhenian Sea. I took this photo next to the Ponte dei Quattro Capi bridge which connects the two riversides of the Tiber River in Rome. This bridge is the oldest one in the city. It surely was an important decision when it was erected in 62 BC by Lucius Fabricius.



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