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In a different world (winter in the Harz mountains)

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In a different world

When diving into the forest, you enter a different world. Once you have dipped into this stillness, you’ll quickly realize that time and space feel different. The deeper you go, the more everyday life loses its importance.

Being the only person around in this white, cold frozen landscape presents a break in which it is just enough to be.

While following the bare paths of this winter landscape, standard demands, requirements, and pressure recede into the background. In this vacuum of white silence, it’s finally quiet enough to listen to yourself.

Yet dipping into this different world is short duration. Hence, I’m letting this brief excursion into utopia sink in again before returning to the real world.

Winter in the Harz mountains

I took this photo in my hometown Blankenburg (Harz), Germany. Due to the cold temperatures (-15°C), everything was frozen. In this photo, you can see the view from Blankenburg Castle and most parts of the city. Because of their height, it is widespread to have snow in the Harz mountains. However, in the last years, this has not been as reliable as it was in the past; hence, I felt fortunate to be there when winter hit Germany.



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