Stefanie Pietschmann - Amsterdam oost - Urban gardening - documentary photography -

Living in individual bubbles

Holing up in individual bubbles is tempting more than ever these days. Nestling in the personal comfort zone is an easy way to receive constant affirmation in an uncertain time. Often, there are just a few contact points left. With hardened fronts and big egos, the paths only cross when the bubbles collide.

In the own head, everyone is alone and new input is in short supply. Therefore, running away from confrontation often does not lead to progress. The opposite is true; it makes you get stuck, go around in circles and sink into the individual orbit.

Indeed, progress does not automatically imply a positive outcome, but it means development. Let’s assume a confrontation was no longer just about who wins; the fronts would not clash so hard anymore. Suddenly, by hearing the other side, one might realize that there are more colors in the spectrum than just black and white.

I took this photo in late spring 2021. You can see two chairs and a table inside the community garden “Buurttuin Valentijn“. This garden is in the very east of the city (Amsterdam Oost) and you can watch the vegetables grow while being inside a big city. 



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