Intoxicated – The life of a plant

Even though most of the people are living in more or less big cities – designed by humans – there will be always found a sign of mother nature.

Some of us plants – for instance trees – claim their way back to the foreground where humans did not want us to reappear. We grow in corners of houses and can destroy them or the footpath which we might choose to become our new home. Unfortunately, this rebellious behaviour often culminates in a new removal by humans to keep the comfort and order they like so much.

But there are also many people who like us! We can change a place from being sterile to a friendly and welcoming spot. We bring them – the humans – fresh oxygen and produce their food while looking amazing. Honestly, I think we are quite sexy!

Humans like to design, to shape and to adjust things according to their ideas, needs and imagination. This can easily be seen in the idea of artificially build parks.

During the last years, the desire for a bigger natural touch gained more and more popularity. People want nature at home while living in a city at the same time. They started calling it “urban gardening”. Free and unused public spaces, rooftops and balconies – nothing is safe from them. They grow their own vegetables, fruits and herbs. They gain to live more “green” and “sustainable” and to reduce their ecological footprint which they did not care so much about for a very long time.

An example for this can be seen in the “Intoxicated” series which first was shown last year and was continued afterwards in the following months.

Luckily this situation pays off for us plants since we get more attention since then! Still, many of us are unknown and some others illegal.

But back to the beginning! Some of my brothers and sisters need cores to slip out in the vastness of life. Others are being born by the availability of fertile seeds or by the fruits of their parent generation. And then there are the clones – they are parts which were cut off an already existing plant and managed to root while being in water.

Sadly, not all of us manage to see the light of day. Some really fight but are too weak. They do not manage to sprout. For others, the way through the soil is too hard. A few will not manage to bloom and the next ones will be eaten by insects before they can develop their beauty. Still, our dead friends left us a present called compost.

Of course, we also have natural enemies. They slime on us, just to start eating our leaves shortly after. Others just start building colonies on us and use us as long as they can gain benefits and we are not dead yet. And the next ones are picking and pulling until they finally manage to tear us apart.

But if you thought that we are exposed defenIntoxicated - the life of a plant - Stefanie Pietschmanncelessly to these wolverines, you are wrong. Actually, all of us somehow developed an automatic protective mechanism. Some of us own a smell and taste which is so bad for the perpetrator that it chases it away. There are also a few in our group that decided to grow long hair in order to prevent attacks to their body. Others went more radical and decided to get sharp spikes which will hurt everybody who wants to touch.

But some of the insects coming are always very welcomed by us. For instance, the Mantis, which cleans all of the attackers from us. Also, we are quite relaxed with earthworms since they loosen up the soil we are growing in which lets us breathe better.

There are many things we all have in common but at the end, everybody has to find his or her own way to survive in the colourful and diverse life of a plant.

Finally, we all know, that at the end we will all disappear.




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