Intoxicated II

Development ...City life often is a synonym for living in a building made of concrete, being surrounded by streets and other houses, also made of concrete. Here and now a tree or a small flower bed appears which often seem to be desperate trials to break up the frame it was set in.

During my work I have documented several times already, how humans try to implement nature in urban space. Anyhow, I became one of them. Since I posted about discovering nature photography some time ago I kept on going to document my own green attempt, its progress and decay.

Those pictures were taken during the last half year. In this time small seeds turned to become useful plants which offer humans crops for the daily life. However not all of the plants have had a lovely time as other insects tried to participate in the big dinner. A mantis decided to move in and started to deal with this problem.

The plants which made their way until the end, surprised by weird and mutated forms which still allowed them to reach the blossom stadium. However, this was the moment when the omnipresent green got enriched by diverse and beautiful colors.

The colors turn to become fruits which causes the plant to loose most of its power in pushing the maturation process. After some months the first plants started to loose their color, life and seeds – for a new round to be guaranteed.



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