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I have never been extremely interested in nature photography but started to get in touch with the topic more and more for some time now. However, I’m more fascinated by the modern attempt to modify, form and control almost everything – including trees, flowers and bushes – in order to implement it to “recent life fashion” and call it nature afterwards. In some way I have to commit not to be different:

Like I do regularly, I trained to improve my photography skills today by using my balcony plants. I am forcing them to live in plant pots which are proper but still cannot keep up with “wild life”. By doing so I am trying to implement nature in a place which is made by humans and constructed with concrete and glass.

However, I got intoxicated.

Having the right moment with my camera always means to me to get intoxicated. I start to observe the objects being in front of my eyes, develop a kind of tunnel vision and totally forget the world around me: Like in one of those movies, where someone is shown in slow motion, observing the surrounding, while everything around continues as usual.

When I get lost in taking pictures, I am in a “wonderland” of things and angles which I want to capture – there is no possibility that I can stop until I will be satisfied by the pictures I took.

Exactly this scenario happened to me today. I started and couldn’t stop for almost an hour. Besides the fact I pretty like my plants in general, I am very fascinated by seeing the structures and movements the plants and the roots themselves have and do. How they try to use every available space and sometimes even appear to be hungry parasites that gain for nothing else than soil, fertilizer and especially space – whatever the cost will be. I enjoy observing how their leaves are shaped and designed as well as all of the “mistakes” that cause the plant not to be perfect but still functional – while the balcony gardeners still try to make the imperfect nature elements part of something that is meant to be perfect in order to suit each individual’s taste of perfection.

What came out is being shown here and I am planning to take pictures of the same balcony and it’s plants in some time to discover what nature has brought us then.



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