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Stefanie Pietschmann - Documentary photography - storytelling - passion

(Photo in cooperation with “Met Francis”)


When I went out taking pictures for the first time, I did not expect this event to turn out a life-changer. However, during the last 11 years, a hobby has become a passion.

These days, I often find myself with a deep urge to take photos and tell the story that I see behind them. For me, this always is a quite intense process: Finding an inspiring motive, capturing it, editing it the way that it reflects what I see in it, and telling the story that I connect with the image.

Though I am creating the content for myself in the first place, I do share it with the world, and consequently, it plays a role in it as well. While this is not only very time consuming, it is also always a battle with myself. The longer the arising questions, doubts, and concerns confront me, the more I understand which importance the whole process has for me.

This year was very challenging for most of us, and I am no exception. Nevertheless, it emphasized to me the importance of my passion on a personal level. And so I decided that it might be time for a change and I should start doing more what I really love to do.







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