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The journey of life (Amsterdam in autumn 2022)

The journey of life (Amsterdam in autumn 2022) - storytelling photography

The journey of life

The many small decisions we make every day determine where the journey should go. Since most things depend on yourself, thinking twice before deciding may be wise because, in the end, it is only you to blame for them.

Though you can regulate most things yourself, some are beyond your control in life. And no matter how hard you try in such a moment, you have to admit to yourself at some point that you can’t always determine the destination of your journey all by yourself.

Autumn in Amsterdam 

I took this photo in early October 2022. You can see a boat in one of the famous canals surrounded by two trees that have already started to lose their leaves. This canal is the hip Jordaan quarter in the western part of the city center.
Usually, October is already a relatively cold and wet month in the Netherlands. However, this year’s autumn has been very mild until now, with many sunny days making the beautiful colors look more alive.




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