Landmarks of steel

Tel Avivian Skyline

Travelling to other places and countries is said to broaden one’s mind – a foreign language and culture could enhance the understanding of the compound world, they say. But what if the soul of the foreign starts to lose its charm?

Wherever people ever lived, they left traces behind them since we are dependent on the goods which our surrounding offers us. Therefore it is indeed not surprising that cities are always also a contemporary witness who provides a silent statement about an era and its human behavior.

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, the world has seen many fast and new inventions and developments. Today, we have heatings, air conditions, the internet, telephones, a way more extensive knowledge about most of the things, can fly to the moon and have cures for many illnesses which would have cost us our live a hundred years ago. Wherever there is a spot – there is a reason and most likely also a market to build something. However, using space is nothing bad in the first moment. But at many places, space turns out to be used for architectural quickies which can be found all over the globe. They are tall, built quickly and huge. One could get the impression that the philosophy behind this could be the higher, the better, the faster, the more aggressive the external view has to be.

Most of the today’s big cities have many things in common: they attract a lot of tourists, businesses and therefore people. In most of the places, there is not enough place for affordable living which indeed makes it necessary to construct new buildings. But the high rising proud towers tend to take their places, where they simply don’t fit for several reasons.

If you had gone on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv many years ago, you would have walked on a path in the middle of the street and would have been surrounded by small buildings in Bauhaus or other most likely European styles. Today, you will still be walking in the middle, surrounded by trees and beautiful buildings. But the restored jewels of yore share their place now in the shadow of all of the towers which can be seen in the back of the image and only offer offices and luxury properties.



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