The last days of winter in Amsterdam - Stefanie Pietschmann - Amsterdam - Canal - Winter - cold

The last days of winter in Amsterdam

Things have gradually changed over the last few weeks: The hostility of the wet Dutch winter slowly turned into a quick intermezzo of warm sun and light. However, most were pleased too quickly as it was only a question of time until the last days of winter would pull a short quick breeze over the city again.

As this triggers the memories of the darkness, cold, and loneliness that filled last winter with despair, it is essential to realize that everything comes to an end eventually. As nothing lasts forever, the last days of winter are here to finally get yourself together and prepare for better days to come.


I took this photo in early 2022. You can see one of the last days of winter in Amsterdam. In the photo are the classical  Dutch canals of Amsterdam. This canal is in the city centre and next to it, you can find the iconic and famous Dutch houses.



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