It is not so long ago when the modern entertainment industry was still at its beginning. Only in the middle of the 19th century, the first movies started to entertain the people. Soon they should become a recreational pleasure for the masses. 

At the very beginning of its history, the cinema offered us moving images which were underlaid with a typical music and frames, as it was technically impossible to produce motion pictures with sound. Therefore these movies also contained the well known frames of written text to make the presented story better understandable for whoever managed to get a sought seat.

But then the 1930ies came and with them the possibility to record the sound and present it together with the movie itself. This caused many silent movie actors to organize big demonstrations because they were afraid that the new invention would steal their precious jobs. In the end, all of their efforts could not stop this development. As the movie industry enhanced itself more and more, the cinema became hugely popular all over the western world as there was no television or internet invented yet. In the golden age of the cinema, there was space for hundreds and thousands of viewers in movie theaters and the movies became longer.

During this time also the Mugrabi Cinema in Tel Aviv was inaugurated. Typical for this period, it was built as an opera house which contained two large halls. It offered places to many viewers and was very popular at its time. The movies were presented on the top floor as this made it possible to relieve the muggy heat of Tel Avivian summers out of the hall.

56 years after it was built a fire broke out in the cinema and ruined it so much that it could not be reconstructed and used as a cinema anymore. Therefore it was started to deconstruct the building in 1989. Until today, one can find its leftovers as it was never demolished completely to this day.

The ravages of time did their work, and one could get the impression, that the building is already more or less in danger of collapsing after it presented its form after the fire for almost 30 years now. I guess that this is one of many reasons why the building is so appealing to street artists today who at least give the building a modern paint and use.







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