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Leaving your comfort zone (Autumn in Amsterdam)

Leaving your comfort zone amsterdam in autumn -Stefanie PIetschmann - Javastraat - Amsterdam - autumn - fall 2022

Leaving your comfort zone

A sense of safety in life feels pretty good because it promises security in an unpredictable world. Much is beyond individual control; hence while holding on to the little certainty of your comfort zone, it often gets quite cozy. Yet it becomes sneaky if you don’t get up and look at it from different perspectives. When constantly seeing the same thing, your field of vision eventually becomes monotonous.

Taking the first step takes a lot of courage because leaving your comfort zone is never easy. However, the rarest things happen overnight, and exploring the world around you is no exception. It is a process of change that you must slowly get used to. Nevertheless, the best part is that it frequently rewards you with things bigger than the fear you had in your mind as you set off.



Autumn in Amsterdam Oost

I took this photo in October 2022. You can see the Benkoelenstraat from Javastraat in Amsterdam Oost. The Dutch capital is also extremely beautiful in autumn. This time of the year, the colorful leaves dance in the air and slowly cover the ground like a natural carpet.  

As beautiful as the autumn colors look, the sinking temperatures make spending a lot of time outside challenging. Hence, leaving your comfort zone is the only option if you don’t what to get stuck inside all autumn and winter. 



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