Letting go

At a closer look, there aren’t really that many important people in life. Though with those who are, we share a lot of happiness and enjoy the mutual presence. Certainly, this kind of companion differs from the broad mass: Such relationships built up of comfort and a persistent effort to dry the tears shed over what causes gloomy moments in life.

The ones we love are the ones that we care for the most. As much as this behavior bases on the sake of good intention, there is also always an emotional dependence involved: If the others are doing well, you are doing well too. If they feel bad, you worry or sometimes even suffer yourself.

At times, a companion’s decisions seem not to their behalf, causing a complicated situation. The acceptance of an opposing perspective is no easy task. Yet, holding on to ideas that others don’t crave rarely leads to a happy ending. However, in the end, letting go might be the brightest in certain scenarios.



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