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Life guidance by a panda (street art in Givatayim)

Life guidance by a panda (streetart in Givatayim) - Stefanie Pietschmann - photographyKung Fu Panda - Givatayim - Israel - Scouts

Life guidance by a panda

The environment has a significant impact on how you live. Early in life, the grown-ups expose you to how they think life should be lived. Typically, you conform to this given direction because it is what you know and consider proper. Though most people’s views on this standard vary slightly, the core points are the same.

Yet while clinging to this life guideline, you might realize that fitting into parts of it becomes more difficult. Not following the standard frequently causes confrontations because of fear and misunderstanding.

However, it’s almost always worth freeing yourself from narrowed views because, in the end, everyone ends up writing their own life guidance.


Panda street art in Givatayim

I took this photo in March 2022 in Givatayim. You can see a panda as street art on a wall of the local scouts’ building.



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