Like a hot summer day

On a hot summer day, the sun mercilessly burns down on the earth and forces everything else to adapt. Hence, nature’s power softens up the body and wears down everything that stands in its way.

One can see the hot air forming a layer of its own above the ground – refraction in which a few breezes move at a remarkable slowness. While this gives the impression, tiny colorless flares were dancing; it also distorts the reality.

Bending the waves of light causes the eyes to perceive a faulted experience. The closer one gets, the better one can see. The further away the eyes look around, the more the angle shifts and vice versa. As a result, finding the right spot to gain a clear view is a challenging venture because images tend to drift away pretty often.

Though the initial cause is another, the same frequently happens in every season. When delving too much into something without reflecting that having a current perspective does not necessarily mean to have the right angle.



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