parking Leeuwarden - Stefanie Pietschmann - Limited Options - - documentary photography - Netherlands architecture Maastricht

Limited options

At times, the impact of the setting that surrounds us takes the lead. While it slowly intends to push in its favorable directions, reading through it turns out to be a difficult task for the pushed one. But as things gradually pile up, at some point, the situation becomes too obvious.

Though there is a considerable tendency to bristle against whatever feels imposed in life, this does not mean that defense is always possible. Sometimes, the consequence of such a situation is a decision. Yet, the pressure to choose within boundaries causes limited options and it also implies a confusing process. 

A limited selection does not make it easy to spot the differences. While observing attentively, the little subtleties already provide a preview of what is to come. However, it is impossible to look as close as the pushed one will experience once a decision was made

I took this photo in fall 2020. You can see garages for parking in Leeuwarden, a Dutch city in the north of the Netherlands. I really liked that each garage almost looks the same but that the viewer has to invest in a closer look to recognise all of the differences. 



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