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Limited space (modern residential architecture)

Limited space (Modern residential architecture) - Stefanie Pietschmann - GIvatayim - architecture - modern housing - Israel

Limited space

In the course of life, a variety of things accumulate. The more stuff you have, the bigger the need for more space because the treasures feel increasingly overwhelming. Yet, the new emptiness that the expansion brought doesn’t have to wait long to be filled with new things eventually.

Yet, looking at this vicious circle from a distant perspective raises the question of whether there is a need for more space. Isn’t it often the dislike of confronting with what has accumulated that causes this avoidance behavior in the first place? As there is limited space for everyone, it is wise to choose how to fill it well.

I took this photo in March 2022. You can see two high rising flats in the city of Givatayim (Israel). These two towers reflect modern residential architecture. They were built in the last 20 years and represent a huge trend of building residental high rise towers that arose globally because of the growing demand for housing opportunities. As the living space is limited, the new architecture becomes taller and taller like here in Givatayim because population constantly grows. One can see this trend in almost all modern countries.



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