Lately, life often tastes like a soup of sameness without spices: Bland, monotonous, and stale. Although the awareness of future change is present, the absence of an answer to the question of when is difficult to bear.

The monotony of processes and repetitions convinces through boredom. And so frustration is spreading as every day feels the same limited. Though it is possible to take care of necessities, there is not much more to experience when locked down.

It was always a hard thing to achieve the virtue called patience. But it seldomly drew so much attention to itself. And while many people surprise with generosity and humanity, the world more and more feels colorless while I am patiently waiting, being locked down.

I feel torn between reality, hopes, and disillusion. While I am closing my eyes, I allow my thoughts to drift away. Hence, I imagine the satisfying taste of the typical spices life usually offers. The smells, vibes, smiles, warmth, sound, and movement that will come back hopefully sooner than later.



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