Looking up from the ground

Imitation lies in the cradle of humankind. In order to become self-reliant, it is essential to mimic our surroundings. What causes a sensation, catches our attention: This setting determines how we speak, move, behave, and what we expect. The longer we grow into this conception, the more we look up to it, and the harder we try to comply with it.

With the assumption that they must know the ultimate truth, we are looking up to those who explain our world. They form the guideline by which we orient ourselves. However, trying to match all the associated expectations is tough work, which leads to a never-ending search for arrival.

It makes disappointment inevitable to act like being somebody that one does not feel like. Looking up from the ground to who we want to be, does not make this expectation more realistic. We are attracted to what represents us externally because it provides a clear direction.

While trying to match what others think is right, we forget too often to listen to ourselves. Hence, we continue looking up to an arbitrarily created ideal, although we already know deep down that trying to accomplish something you don’t believe in never works out in the end.



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