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Lost control

Slowly but surely, nature wakes up from its hibernation. While one can barely see the delicate little buds on some of the trees, others already gained control and show up in full splendor. It was only two weeks ago when I realized that the weird noise I heard was the groups of geese that had finally made their way back. Sometimes, the air of the evenings already gives a glimpse of how summer nights will feel.

While all of this beauty invites you and me to lean back and relax, the reality is that these days the world of humans feels tenser than ever. Life shows its vulnerable side and traps our perspective in unpredictability. And though, it never promised security for anything; it is only now that we realize that nothing can be taken for granted. We lost control.

We lost our footing, our track, and even more, our orientation. Being left alone with the knowledge that we do not know, we feel overstrained. Lost perspectives cause us desperately to look for any lifeline. Just for a little moment, fulfilling the desire to steady oneself. Yet we cannot escape the rapid free-fall, and it hurts to feel this devastation.

Insecureness leaves our souls filled with pain because, in our minds, we have already prepared for the worst. And so, we compensate – a little preparation here, another top up there. All in the name of irrationality, which leads us to believe we could gain back control with excessive amounts of goods.

While anxiety is up to every trick, it is on us to accept that we cannot control more than we are capable of doing. Although we cannot predict the future, we can affect our present state.




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