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The magic of compromising (Rubinsky House in Tel Aviv)

The magic of compromising (Rubinsky House in Tel Aviv) - Stefanie Pietschmann - Bauhaus Israel - Sderod Rothschild - bauhaus architecture - photography

The magic of compromising

When overly confident people meet, confrontation often is inevitable. Everyone assumes their views are the right ones as different worlds collide. However, if everyone thinks this way, common contact points are minimal. Yet, in such a manner, one can only live side by side at best. 

But if you want to live together, you should realize that your ego seldomly really is your friend. Only mutual understanding and respect let the magic of compromising happen. Instead of claiming to know the truth, liberating yourself and listening to what others have to say can be very enlightening for everybody. 

The Rubinsky House in Tel Aviv

I took this photo in May 2022. You can see the Rubinsky House in Tel Aviv, which is at 1 Hagilboa Street. This building’s end of construction was in 1935. Its architectural style is Bauhaus, and it got a complete renovation in 2008. Also, Tel Aviv hosts many Bauhaus buildings from different eras and styles. Mostly German Jews fleeing Nazi Germany before or during WW2 designed these buildings. Though the German Walter Gropius developed the Bauhaus style in the city of Dessau, you can barely find any Bauhaus buildings in Germany today. The reason for that is that the Bauhaus design was categorized as “entartete Kunst” (degenerated art) by the Nazis and, therefore, forbidden.



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