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How to make new discoveries (Summer in Amsterdam)

How to make new discoveries (Summer in Amsterdam) Stefanie Pietschmann - Amsterdam Gracht Canal - Shadows - bikes

How to make new discoveries

Monotony quickly leads to dulling if you don’t let anything new into daily life. Though routine might still present itself as colorful, this endless repetition had already colored everything grey. Hence, you’ll need a different approach to know how to make new discoveries.

If curiosity becomes more significant than the fear of leaving the comfort zone, self-imposed limits appear out of date. If you don’t take yourself too seriously, you can open up to the lightness of the moment and enjoy the discoveries you might have missed otherwise!

Summer in Amsterdam

I took this photo in August 2022. You can see a classical bridge in Amsterdam center. These bridges connect the streets that the city’s famous canals separate. The Dutch city Amsterdam is extremely beautiful in Summer. People sit outside; you can see boats in all of the canals, and the green trees and beautiful colors frame every street.




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