Modern world’s reality

In the modern world, we demonstrate the events of life everywhere and at any time. Sharing is caring, they say, and actually, there is no need to say that twice. With firm conviction, we diligently reflect everything down to the last little detail as long as it only meets our expectations.

The shiny light of filters and angles represent our world. They make it brighter, us younger, or relevant in the first place. Too often, the best is just good enough. And as this game is for multiplayer, we look very closely at what the others are doing.

With insatiable greed, we steadily long for more. More prestige and evidence of the “amazing life”. While we still try to distinguish ourselves, we already forgot why we started to play along in the first place. This life of abundance has turned out to be an expression of new dignity.

Thus, we observe our environment through filters and displays: A carefully curated exhibition. It convinces with impressive artworks that reflect a world as we would like it to be. However, in this polished cosmos of competition are no winners, because an “enough” does not exist in it.

Throughout the time, we spend so much enthusiasm to meet our demands, the experience itself has already passed. Hence, we abandoned the joy of the moment because we were too busy reproducing it instead of being present.



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