Shadows over Florentine

Neve Zedek Tower (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Photo taken from the Neve Tzedek neighborhood

Tel Aviv is a young city which has just been found 106 years ago. Even though it’s such a youngster, Tel Aviv offers a huge variety of architecture, styles and influences. Only in 1990 the erection of skyscrapers had started in the heart of the city at the Mediterranean Sea.

One of those skyscrapers is situated at the southern border of the Neve Tzedek to the Florentine neighborhood. Two quarters which have flat buildings and exist for a long time already. Neve Tzedek is the first neighborhood of Tel Aviv. Today its buildings are mostly renovated and serve a lot of artsy places. This and its European style give it its own charm. Also Florentine’s buildings are old, small and getting a younger face the more south one goes until it eliminates in another new idea of living. Buildings there are less renovated and some of them seem to be completely forgotten for  

In 2007 the construction the Neve Tzedek Tower (officially Nehoshtan Tower) was finished. During its construction a crane fell by accident and killed two people. Today it’s the 11th highest building in Tel Aviv and offers luxury apartments, an own pool and a private gym. The building’s huge entrance can be entered whether by a small bridge on the one or by a gate oNeve Zedek Tower (Tel Aviv, Israel)n the other side. With its 147 meter height one side is facing the beach. This also means, that the other sides always cover the Florentine or Neve Tzedek neighborhood in shadows.

It is one of those buildings which can be found in Tel Aviv which do not seem to suit in their surrounding at all. Basically it also doesn’t seem to have been built with the idea of integration. It separates itself by fences, its height, color and style. It radiates to be superior – a poor representation of the ability to buy nature to exorbitant prices. It is a monster domino. And even though, it is confident, it still contains a bit of weakness – like it could be blown away by a single breeze. Even though the building offers different shaped and designed sides which offer optical changes in the forms themselves, it is still showing monotony, passivity and apathy. It is a self chosen isolation in which humans managed to build up themselves a natural place to live, like a hamster in a cage.

However, there has been made a plan in Tel Aviv to not approve new skyscrapers in certain central areas until 2025.



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