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New: Tel Aviv Street Cat Wall Calendar 2023

Enjoy 2023 with the Tel Aviv street cat wall calendar

New: Tel Aviv Street Cat Wall Calendar 2023 you can’t get enough from cats, why don’t you let them guide you through 2023? I am thrilled to announce that you can now enjoy the beauty of the charismatic street cats of Tel Aviv with my new cat calendar 2023.

Each month shows a different aspect of the life of the feline friends that live all over the city. In addition, you can write memos, birthdays, or other important information in this wall calendar, making it an excellent present for your family and friends.

I took all the photos for this calendar myself because I like watching these street cats. The cat wall calendar is perfect for your next year, where the cats of each month can brighten up your days.

Your calendar is double-sided and printed on demand only to save paper and protect the environment. The paper is 250 gsm / 100 lb and is semi-glossy silk. In addition, there is a hanging hook.

The cat wall calendar for 2023

Buying from local artists

You actively support a local artist if you purchase the “Street cats of Tel Aviv wall calendar 2023” (cat wall calendar) and receive a special artwork you cannot find anywhere. In addition, you ensure that I can go on with what I love to do, and with the “Tel Aviv street cat wall calendar 2023” you’ll also get a unique view of wall art for your home. This high-quality printing will bring you joy for the next 12 months. 🙂

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