There are some places I go again and again. Sometimes it takes me some time until I get the needed feeling for a place or until I can imagine which perspectives I would like to use while taking my photos. Most likely I will take pictures of the place each time I am visiting it. While having the thought that the results would full-fill my imagination. The result: I will visit the place again and again until I have found what I was looking for.

During my first stay in Israel (2012) I went for a walk to the Tel-Avivian neighbourhood Neve Tzedek and took a lot of pictures with my cell phone as I had not taken my camera with me. However, I found an empty house which has been the victim of not only loneliness but further of being used as a gigantic trash can. I spied inside the building through the broken windows and could see that there were a lot of machines and paper inside. It felt like a mute story being told in a very special atmosphere. One could still feel the “life” which must have been in there once. I wanted to keep this atmosphere for myself and that’s why I decided to take some cell phone camera “snap shots”:

I went for a walk some time ago ans by a coincidence I “bumped” into the same building again which had changed extremely. With a stunned face I decided immediately to return the next day in order to take pictures of it with my camera. At this time I had already forgotten that I took the upper cell phone pictures.

I returned. I put out the camera and took pictures of how the nature had taken back its territory until now. The roof was missing and the were no windows or doors inside the building. Because it was daylight, I  alone and the street pretty much “alive”, I decided not to enter inside the building via one of the windows (The entry doors were locked). After half an hour I went home.

While I was editing and looking for something else I found the photos I had taken with my cell phone. It was funny and weird at the same time. I compared the pictures with each other and could find the same spots. But while it was an old, forgotten place which have not have had any meaning it stayed like it was during my first visit: Trash and destroyed inventory spread all over, it was dark and dirty but there was a story.

When I now went there the story was “removed” and only its name (house) had remained – like a fragile cover. It stood there like it had to be at this specific place, proud, abused and no one would be surprised if the cover will be gone soon, too.



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