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Breaking boundaries at the Givatayim Observatory

Stefanie Pietschmann - planetarium givatayim - streetart photography - Givatayim Observatory

Photo taken at the Givatayim Observatory.

Breaking boundaries at the observatory

In life, it won’t take long to realize that actions are limited to the surrounding’s boundaries. They have a strong impact, define what is appropriate, and heavily influence who you become.

Since such rules are a mandatory foundation for a shared existence, most also stick to them. Yet, their beliefs don’t necessarily have to be right. Breaking ranks is still not always an option, and at times, the consequence is feeling trapped.

However, just because it is grey outside, it doesn’t have to be colorless inside. Thoughts form a world of their own without following external restrictions: Everybody can fill this space with whatever seems appealing. In your mind, it is possible to cross and re-evaluate what ought to be impossible. And sometimes, it turns out in this thought experiment that breaking the rules will be worth it.

I took this photo in September 2021. You can see the outside of the Givatayim Observatory (Israel). An artsy graffiti  decorates it.



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