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One thing that makes life so brilliant is the fact that one can easily misjudge its chosen path. It surprises us the most when we expect it the least. And actually, this is what makes it so vibrant. The world would be missing its flavors if there was no obstacle crossing our way once in a while.

We like to complain about these obstacles in our life. But ironically, we value the beauty of their diversity when they chose somebody else to trigger. How could we evolve if there was nothing to chafe at? Would we emotionally die from boredom?

It is the obstacles that show us what we still need to learn. Sometimes, they cause suffering, despair, and helplessness. Other times, they tease out, ease, joy, or hope. However, they always teach us to surpass the limitations that we attribute to ourselves.

This conclusion might sound cynical if one is facing an obstacle that is incredibly rebellious. But the good point is that once we have passed the hardest part, we can leave this extract of life behind. We can straighten up, take a deep breath and enjoy the bright side of the ride.







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