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On the road

On the road

It is a hard decision to make if you want to create a difference in life. And too often, we passively wait for specific plans to happen by itself. Preferring to get stuck in our imagination, we fantasize. In daydreams, it is easy to create a story about how being could look like on the road if only someone could finally switch the controls for us.

But in many cases, the first move to take control of the own destiny seems to be an eternity away. Yet, no one is so blind as the ones who do not want to see. Therefore, it is not very surprising that the transport for change is already waiting on the doorsteps frequently – we are simply too afraid to give it a try and go on the road.

However, the interpretation of the everlasting search for security can also mean that one realizes what is no longer functional, what needs to leave. Deciding to go on the road finally means immersing into the unknown. When you find yourself alone in the unfamiliar, you depend on your instincts and the favor of the others. A moment in which the ego quickly becomes quite subdued. But a chance to find satisfaction in the inspiring new.

A boarded train implies the time has come to enjoy the ride ultimately. With a choice from the endless directions provided, we are free to let go. Still, many fancy the attraction of predictability because they expect security. But in life, nothing is certain but death. And so, it is always the ride itself that decides where we’re going next.



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