Focussing on personal renewal needs a lot of yearning.

Urban lifestyle

The modern human lives a life in a saturated periphery ...


For most of us, possessions are indispensable.


Bauhaus: When geometry meets obsession.

Give it a try

Sometimes the Sky brightens and the gray, dark and dirty facade break up


It is up to us to handle the reflection of our action and the only way of avoiding so, is running as fast as possible.


Even the best attempt to block can end with a glimpse of what is kept.

Playing chess

We love to adapt known processes, forms and designs to unconventional new work.

White noise

The speed of modern life is aggressive - it pulls, pushes and spits.

Waiting …

Human bonds provide us with many benefits but sometimes they simply fail!


Minutes of sereneness.


There are always those aiming high.


There comes the point one cannot stop the march of time.

The plot of life

While traveling through what we call life, we wander through an unwritten plot.

Undervalued luxury

Some essentials, as we know them today, are a real luxury. Not so long ago, our lives really looked much different!

Meet me at the exhibition “My Tel Aviv”

You did not manage to visit the exhibition "My Tel Aviv" yet? No problem, meet me there this Friday!


Individualism is still believed to be the guiding concept of our daily life, but ...


Culture is how you live.

Finding guidance

Finding guidance in Life.

The other side

We all live with fears, but we forget that facing what frightens us will give us a new perspective and path.


When brutalism dates a hive.

The power of geometry

While members of the "we don't like maths" club don't become extinct because of different reasons, the subject itself ...

Being human

We are privileged to design our surrounding and ourselves. But privileges never come alone ...

Point of view

When you think you get lost in the vortex of life, you may overview the whole situation from a different perspective ...

A moment in time

It can take a long journey to finally find a place in life to simply let go.

Finding your place

The bench, a place designed to serve its clients. A public place which simply cannot help if the one that found it before you

The modern way of life

Gigantic towers manifest by concrete, steel, and glass which are assumed to be modern, future-oriented and pioneering.

And what about you?

While I am working on the preparation for my new photography project about happiness, I am still in need of your help!

A glimpse

Sometimes one can find a glimpse of inspiration in the beauty of no man's land.

The three brothers

Once upon a time there was the birth of three brothers in Tel Aviv.

A reminder

Monuments: The human attempt to commemorate, remember and warn.


On our way of existence, we are trying to be able to see and understand the full extent of the world's intricacy.

An empty seat

We need to live with the fact that the empty place we all have will eventually stay vacant for the rest of our lives.


Once in a while, we can simply enjoy this entertainment which we can relish at any time and everywhere.

Who we are

How we behave is who we are.


In today's world, it is often forgotten that there was life before our modern high-speed consumerism and people actually repai

Taking a breath

We are constantly surrounded by distraction and forget, that we can simply take a timeout now and then.

Exhibition “My Tel Aviv”

I am very pleased to announce that my work will be shown at the exhibition "My Tel Aviv".

Ode to the kitchen

Not so much time ago our kitchens were the "headquarters" of what is sourced out "to go" today - a place for cooking, eating,

The dilemma of choice

The right of selection also brings the duty of decision.

The beauty of imperfection

While we are trying so hard to accomplish sophistication we forget about the beauty of imperfection.


Sometimes the simplest ideas can have the biggest impact on how we perceive our surrounding.

No end in sight

Since last March there is a new theme which made its way into my pleasure of photography - people who steal my work and use it

The concealment

"There is hiding even under the concealment."


Words ...

The storyteller

There is no place without a story to tell - but only sometimes we are privileged enough to catch a glimpse of it.

Walking on Shalame

Shalame Road is loud, hectic and exhausting - but once a week even this street is taking a day off.


I am planning to do a new photography project about happiness, but I will need your help!

Happy new year!!!

I am wishing you all a happy new year and thank you all for your support and a great 2016!


Sometimes, a smile is worth a thousand words!