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9 months and a carpet

Photo Art

Me and my photo at the exhibition “Photo Art”

This year is great!

Many people see a new year as a chance for change and so did I. In January, I decided that this website needs to be refreshed – a word and a blow – I locked myself home for a week and changed the whole website in order to make it nicer and more user friendly. Also, I started to post blog articles which are more in detail. Therefore, they can give a better impression of what I am capturing with my camera. The feedback which I received was and is still amazing!

However, in the last few months my work was been shown and presented in several media. At the beginning of this year, parts of the photo project “Urban Diversity – a documentary about Tel Aviv and Jerusalem” was shown in the travel magazine Globesession. The article also included an interview about my work and the project.  In May, the photography project had its first anniversary and will be hopefully going on for a long time.

Some months later, my impressions of Tel Aviv were shown in the magazine Lichtwolf – magazine despite philosophy. My photographies were given space on 4 pages on which they were presented in an exhibition. The title of this edition was “Flowerpower” which is why I tried to give a brief impression of nature in the urban space of Tel Aviv.

In spring this year, I went to Ein Gedi at the Dead Sea and published my impressions of thiKit und Klampfe CDs really unique place in a blog article later on. Some time ago,  of TLV1 did a radio feature about the area of Ein Gedi and the Dead Sea. The audio also features a web article in which some of my photos have been used.

And last but not least, there is the exhibition “Photo Art” in Jaffa Port Gallery in Tel Aviv. This exhibition about contemporary art photography is showing on my photos. This photo with the carpet was taken in early 2014 during a shooting for the album cover of Kit und Klampfe in Bremen. However, I am more than happy to have received the possibility to show my work to a wider public by this exhibition in such a great place!

The exhibition started at the 4th of Semptember and will be running until the 10th of October. Jaffa Port Gallery is situated at: Retsif ha-Aliya ha-Shniya St 20, Tel Aviv-Yafo.

It is great to see the progress of my own work and I am very grateful for all of the opportunities which I received so far. I am sure that the coming months will not be less interesting as there are already many things in planning.

Thanks 🙂



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