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The photography & storytelling workflow

Keeping the photography & storytelling workflow - Stefanie Pietschmann - Storytelling Photography -

The photography and storytelling workflow

Before I publish a photo, it goes through a whole workflow established over the past few years. Though this approach constantly undergoes minor changes, its primary form mostly remains unchanged.

The first step is always the photo itself. As I rarely go on a particular photo tour, most of the pictures I take are unplanned encounters I make in everyday life – using a mirrorless camera makes this a lot easier because it fits in almost every pocket.

I check the photos I took and select the ones I believe have the most potential in the next step. Then, I start editing on my computer. Sometimes, I am finished within a few minutes, but at other times, I am working for hours on a photo just to discard the idea after a while and start from scratch. In the end, I organize all the edited pictures in an online tool.

Occasionally, I already know what I will write about the photo in advance. However, I have to sit down and think about what I associate with the image or how I felt when I took it most of the time.

After all these workflow steps, I publish my work on my website and social media.

How do you organize your work?



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