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The playful lightness of the moment at Amsterdam’s Flevopark

The playful lightness of the moment at Amsterdam's Flevopark - Stefanie Pietschmann - Flevopark - Amsterdam - The Netherlands -

The playful lightness of the moment

The never-ending lightness of this summer has cast a spell over me. I’m enchanted by the gimmicks of the sun, tirelessly finding its way to every corner of the city. The warm light illuminates whatever it encounters, making everything shine with vibrancy. Despite a sticky layer of sweat that slowly covers my skin, I enjoy watching the constantly changing shadows play with the flashy colors – inviting me to an unforgettable spectacle!

This day treats me very well. I take a deep breath and enjoy the unique smell of the summer air this evening. So, I am caught in the lightness of the moment and blown away by its beauty! Though it feels like this summer is never-ending, I must admit that this is wishful thinking. However, in the end, you can always enjoy the playful lightness of the moment if you just let it happen.

Summer in Amsterdam’s Flevopark

I took this photo in Amsterdam’s Flevopark in July 2022. This photo shows a typical houseboat on the lake  “Nieuwe Diep” that directly borders the park.  The high-rise house in the middle is a server farm close by. This beautiful park is east of Amsterdam, and you won’t find many tourists there like in the famous Vondelpark.  Since this park is in the east of the city, it is very close to many different waterways. 



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